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Your Vision, Our Creation. 

We are the East Coast Creatives. East Coast Creative Media offers several media services to help local small businesses grow online. We seek the vision of the business owner and help reach those goals. Starting as a small business we understand the heart, vision, and work that goes into making it all happen. Keep going and hustling, we believe in you!


Samantha DeSalvo

Star Sign: Capricorn


Favorite Task: Business Planning + Branding


Hobbies: CrossFit, Creating Content, Skiing, Hiking with my dog


​I am so glad you’re here! My name is Sam DeSalvo. I graduated from Johnson & Wales University with Magna Cum Laude in Business Studies. I have experience in fitness, construction, and the real estate industry. My passion in life is helping others. I want to see you grow and succeed in all aspects of your life. East Coast Creatives was created to help you take your business to the next level through digital marketing. 

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Alexa Scalzo

Star sign: Cancer

Favorite Task: Creating/Capturing Multimedia

Hobbies: Getting lost in the woods (hiking), Designing, Cooking, 

Hey it’s Lex! After graduating with a Film/Media degree and living out in California for 4 years, I discovered my passion in meeting new people and creating media. I believe that the most effective way to create media for a client is first getting to know their personality, style, and mood. This ensures that the media produced is tailored to each, unique client. I truly believe connections are huge. I hope to create a bond with you and your business that helps you flourish. 

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